Rikers CO: I Was Almost Fired For Hitting Inmate During Sexual Assault

Aleksander Chan · 04/29/15 08:14AM

A Rikers Island corrections officer assigned to prisoners accused of serious violent crimes claims she was sexually assaulted by an inmate and was threatened with termination for fighting off his advances. “He violated me,” Rikers corrections officer Samantha Moscoso told ABC New York. “And I screamed and I screamed for him to let go, for him to get off, for him to let go, for him to stop.”

Rikers Island Surveillance Footage Shows Guard Beating Handcuffed Teen

Andy Cush · 04/23/15 01:11PM

Violence, inflicted by guards and among prisoners, is simply part of the fabric of daily life at Rikers Island. Thanks to tireless reporting by the likes of Michael Winerip and Michael Schwartz at the New York Times, we know this, but we know it in an abstract sense—told through broad statistics and quoted anecdotes. Here’s what it actually looks like.

Prison Reform at Rikers Island Is a Total Sham So Far

Andy Cush · 02/23/15 02:41PM

Over the past several months, as the culture of brutality at Rikers Island has become harder and harder to ignore, New York's corrections department has gestured toward reform. Incompetent officials resigning, thuggish guards punished when in the past they'd be given high fives and told to keep their mouths shut. We know there's a problem, officials are saying, but we're making it better. Don't believe them.

Rikers Guards Who Brutalized Inmate Over Sandwich Fired 33 Months Later

Andy Cush · 01/22/15 01:40PM

Budnarine Behari, a Rikers Island captain who oversaw the April 2012 hogtying and beating of a mentally ill inmate who had complained about not receiving a baloney sandwich, was fired this week along with five other officers at the prison. Great. But before he was dismissed, Behari had the opportunity to administer equally sadistic attacks on at least two other prisoners. What the hell took so long?

Jason Parham · 01/21/15 03:05PM

Martin Horn, the former City Department of Correction Commissioner, knows how we can fix Rikers. "Jails should be close to the communities they serve and the courthouses where prisoners' cases are heard," he says. "It requires political courage for the city to address these issues." Courage and, uh, tax dollars.