Andrew Cuomo Twists the Knife He Inserted Into Bill de Blasio's Agenda

Alex Pareene · 07/07/15 05:20PM

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has consistently and petulantly undermined New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio since the mayor took office, but the feud only recently went on the record. Following an Albany legislative session in which Cuomo blatantly denied de Blasio various legislative victories — and cynically attempted to attack the more liberal mayor from “the left” — Cuomo rubbed salt in the legislative wound by delivering a brutally critical appraisal of Mayor de Blasio’s legislative acumen and political savvy. This came in the guise of a Daily News interview with “a top Cuomo administration aide.” (At least, that is what everyone believes, and what the governor has not denied.)

MTA Union: De Blasio Is Treating Us Like Criminals for Maiming Children

Andy Cush · 02/20/15 01:49PM

The men and women of New York's transit workers union are inheriting the worst impulses of their friends at the NYPD. After a city bus driver was arrested last week for running over a 15-year-old girl in a crosswalk—delivering injuries so serious that she may lose her leg—the union complained that the city was treating bus drivers like "criminals." In this case, that's because one of them committed a violent crime.

NYPD Cop: Bill de Blasio Is “Sucking the Cock of Every Protester”

J.K. Trotter · 01/19/15 10:45AM

Over the weekend, the New York Review of Books published a long essay by Michael Greenberg about the standing hostility between mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Police Department. While writing the piece, Greenberg found himself at a bar in Glendale, Queens, where several N.Y.P.D. cops had gathered after the funeral of slain Officer Rafael Ramos. What did they talk about? Bill de Blasio “sucking the cock of every protester” of police brutality—and a lot more: