One member of New York's finest has been placed on suspension pending an investigation into claims that he stole $3,000 in cash from a deli that was being raided for allegedly peddling untaxed cigarettes. The suspects accused of selling loosies were arrested on the scene.

ABC 7 spoke with Ali Abdullah, owner of the Bed Stuy deli, who noticed that the cash was missing from a box under the register on Saturday, the day after the raid. He reviewed surveillance footage, thinking one of his employees was to blame, but instead saw a detective duck behind the counter and take the money.

He says the video clearly shows one of the detectives grabbing the stack of money, hiding behind the counter door and out of view of his supervisor, before putting what appears to be the money in his coat pocket.

"When I look at my system, I see the officer took the money," he said. "It's crazy."

The sticky-fingered cop is now subject of a joint investigation between internal affairs and the Brooklyn DA.

Update: Here's video from ABC 7.

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