Sadly, we knew this would happen. After the terror strikes in Paris, another well-known radical is agitating for violence. "Are we ready to fight?" he asks. "Are we ready to do what is necessary?" This opportunist is clear in what he seeks now: "war."

Peace-loving people of the civilized world will no doubt react with disgust and revulsion to this extremist's demand to his violent followers that "the world must go on the offensive." Has the world not seen enough chaos of late? Apparently not, for this madman, who has a long and grim track record of advocating for massive displays of deadly retribution, states baldly today that "we are at war." In service of his twisted view of eye-for-an-eye justice, he calls for "a global alliance" of like-minded warriors to accomplish—these are his chilling words—"nothing less than total destruction of the enemy." Despite having a gargantuan amount of blood on his hands already, this single-minded lunatic will seemingly never desist from crying for more and more death.

Terrorism works—if only because it makes vengeance-mad men like this, who society had finally cast away, sound appealing once again. I can only pray that the angry and confused people of earth, shaken by this time of turmoil, can find it within themselves to reject his dangerous crusade.

[Wall Street Journal. Photo: AP]