Police in Pasco, Washington, shot and killed Antonio Zambrano-Montes Tuesday after the 35-year-old allegedly threw rocks at a group of officers. A video uploaded to YouTube shows a person who appears to be Zambrano-Montes being shot several times near a busy intersection as he runs away from the police.

Ryan Flanagan, Adam Wright, and Adrian Alaniz, the officers involved in the shooting, have been placed on administrative leave, according to a statement from the Pasco Police Department. Police chief Bob Metzger told NBC News that the officers had received reports of Zambrano-Montes throwing rocks at vehicles before they arrived at the scene.

Zambrano-Montes' killing was the fourth fatal police shooting in Pasco in the past sixth months, the Tri-City Herald notes. In three of those instances, the shooters were Pasco police officers; the fourth involved the Benton County Sheriff's Department.

The video above, published yesterday, shows a man running across a street at a traffic light as police fire their weapons from the opposite side. Eventually, the officers pursue him across the street and fire several more shots, at which point the man falls to the ground. A longer video of the incident taken from a different camera was uploaded to Facebook.

An unnamed witness told NBC News that Zambrano-Montes "kept on screaming, 'shoot me, shoot me'" at the officers as he threw rocks. Benjamin Patrick, another witness, told the Seattle Times that Zambrano-Montes was unarmed and "just trying to walk away" when he was killed. According to Metzger, police used a Taser on Zambrano-Montes before shooting him.

About 100 people attended a rally in Pasco yesterday to protest the killing, the Tri-City Herald reports.