A Rikers Island corrections officer assigned to prisoners accused of serious violent crimes claims she was sexually assaulted by an inmate and was threatened with termination for fighting off his advances. “He violated me,” Rikers corrections officer Samantha Moscoso told ABC New York. “And I screamed and I screamed for him to let go, for him to get off, for him to let go, for him to stop.”

According to Moscoso, she was escorting 25-year-old Dexter Bell to the showers Sunday morning, when he pinned her against the railing and “reached back and grabbed her between the legs.” She fought back, she told ABC New York, “by putting my hands on him in his head, his neck, his upper torso area, so he could let go.”

Bell is a sex offender convicted of the attempted rape of a 17-year-old girl and awaits trial for allegedly raping three other women.

Moscoso told ABC New York that she was reprimanded by her supervisor for hitting Bell, telling the news station:

“She told me, ‘Oh you put your hands on him?’ And I’m hysterical crying. ‘You put your hands on him? The department doesn’t take too kindly to head shots. That’s grounds for termination.’ You’re more concerned about an inmate and I’m your officer?”

Police have since arrested Bell for the alleged attack, but only after, Moscoco says, she got her union involved.

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