Kumar Rao and Ryan Napoli, the Bronx Defenders attorneys who came under fire for appearing in a rap video that made explicit reference to killing NYPD officers, resigned from the firm this week, the New York Post reports. Bronx Defenders Executive Director Robin Steinberg, who signed off on their participation, was suspended without pay.

Rao released the following statement:

I thought participating in this music video project would advance the interests of the community we serve as well as the interests of the organization. At all points during the process, I acted with those goals in mind and no others. As you know, I received assurances by the producer that we would be provided the opportunity to review and edit the lyrics and video before its release. Contrary to our understanding, the video that was released contained lyrics and images that I never approved and would never support, personally or on behalf of the organization. To say that I regret our involvement with this video would be an understatement.