The NYPD slowdown may be speeding up, but the one-sided airborne propaganda war against Bill de Blasio is evidently still in full effect. "De Blasio Get Off The Pot. Resign. We <3 NYPD," reads the latest banner, which flew behind an airplane over the Hudson River earlier today.

If you hadn't heard the rumors, you might read that first sentence with an implied "[shit or]" appended, but this one is surely about the mayor's alleged affinity for a toke here and there. Gothamist notes that Retired NYPD For A Safe New York, the group of apparent ex-cops that claimed the last banner, is saying it's behind this one as well. Given the provenance of the weed gossip—which also came from cops—it's not surprising that the NYPD's allies in the sky would seize on it for their campaign.

And if the group truly is pro-NYPD, it should be careful what it wishes for. If the mayor did resign, the city's chain of succession would leave it in the hands of an official the department likely hates just as much as the de Blasio: Public Advocate Letitia James.

[Image via @Car4997]