Amidst the NYPD's kerfuffle with City Hall, the allegations against a group of Brooklyn cops who may have planted guns on innocent people have gotten a little lost. The New York Times thoroughly reported on several cases in December, and today, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced his office will launch an investigation.

Thompson announced the probe after dropping charges against Jeffrey Herring, one of the central figures in the Times' reporting. Herring and several other men were all arrested in the 67th precinct on gun charges that stemmed from tips from anonymous informants who told very similar stories, and a group of three officers appears in various iterations in each of their cases. Herring's charges were dropped after prosecutors failed several times to produce the informant in court.

The New York Daily News reports:

Judges slammed their accounts as "incredible" and one said she believes the cops perjured themselves, records show.

"There could be dozens more," [public defender] Debora Silberman said in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "Anyone who was arrested by this team — their arrests should be investigated."

Thompson vowed to do so.

NYPD internal affairs is also investigating.

[Image via AP]